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The Trump administration and Mexico announced a shared policy to invest in Central America in hopes of stemming the tide of migrants from the region.
Scientists have taken a step toward building a computer model of the brains genome, one that may help clarify the genetic roots of schizophrenia, autism and other disorders. Denise Scott Browns photographs of Las Vegas; Kayode Ojos color prints and sculptures; Anna Maria Maiolinos poetic wanderings; and Lyle Ashton Harriss portraits.
Scientists have discovered the most distant object known in our solar system, so remote and unusual they chose the nickname "Farout" for the slow-moving, icy, pinkish dwarf planet about 120 to 130 times further from the sun than Earth. When the Vondruska family gathers in Watersmeet, Michigan on Christmas Eve to open presents, the grandchildren will not be ripping open any packages from their grandparents. Many expected films made the cut, like the best documentary front-runner Wont You Be My Neighbor?, but some snubs were revealing. Nandan Nilekani, co-founder of one of India's biggest outsourcing companies, says an H-1B visa crackdown would ultimately hurt the U.S.
A driver heading between junction 11 and 12 of the M4 in Reading in a red Citroen Berlingo van had close to four times the legal limit of alcohol in his breath when he drove the way along the route. Stephanie Peterson, 27,was sentenced in Florida to 36 months for a felony count of lewd and lascivious battery sex act and to time served for transmission of harmful materials.
The art critics of The New York Times tell you what rocked their worlds this year notable art events, works in museums and galleries, emerging artists and how they found beauty in unexpected places. Even small amounts of processed meat increase the risk of colorectal cancer. Stream the Bosss Broadway show from the comfort of your couch. Or watch a personal investigation into the medical industry. A roundup of the columns that no one, except maybe my mom, read. I still eat rice and beans. I just use brown rice now, said Annya Santana of Menos Mas, a wellness company that speaks to African-American and Latinx communities.
U.S. chipmaker Micron Technology Inc gave on Tuesday quarterly sales and profit forecasts well below Wall Street estimates, citing a market glut of memory chips as consumer and business demand for phones and computers is weakening. The procedure involves a fine narrow tube being inserted into the tumour before a laser is beamed down it, gradually heating up to about 70C, breaking down and killing the cancerous cells Many women in science thought that meritocracy was the antidote to sexism. Now some have decided on a more direct approach.
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